Pediatric Dentistry in Manhattan

Learning good dental habits start at a young age and at our Upper West Side Manhattan dental office, Dr. Shirley encourages parents to bring their children in as soon as their first tooth erupts. We are a family practice that sees patients of all ages; we invite you to our dental home where lifelong relationships begin. We believe that seeing children a very young age encourages better dental hygiene as adults, especially if they are visiting our office every 6 months.  We make each appointment enjoyable for your child by playing a Pandora or  Hulu channel to their liking.

During their first appointment we will introduce your child to “Mr. Thirsty” (suction), “Mr. Tooth Counter” (exam) and “Mr. Sun” (overhead lamp).  We will spend time with you and your child explaining home care instruction, nutrition counseling and any and all concerns.  We cater to children that are extremely nervous during dental treatment by providing Nitrous Oxide.   Our warm and highly attentive Doctor and staff are ready to meet you and your child, book your appointment with our Upper West Side dentist today.