Restorative Dentistry in Manhattan

If you are looking to have Restorative Dentistry in the Upper West Side, look no further!  You no longer have to feel judged or embarrassed about your smile. No matter how simple or complex your needs are, Our Upper West Side Restorative Dentist, Dr. Shirley is able to help you achieve the smile you want.

Composite fillings are also known to be called tooth color or white fillings and are primarily used to fill teeth that have been treated for cavities.  Dr. Benjamin Shirley, DDS specializes in Composite fillings in his Upper West Side Manhattan Dental Office.

We use fiber optic hand pieces to maximize visibility and ensure accuracy. We find that patients who have amalgam or ‘gray’ fillings placed are dissatisfied with not only the look but the discomfort they cause.  Some are unhappy with the amalgam tattoo that is visible on their gum or neighboring region.  For those reasons, we only offer Composite Fillings.  We specifically offer BPA-Free Composite fillings, upon request.  Composite is also used for tooth bonding, which is great alternative to Veneers.

Another great alternative to Composite Fillings are Inlays and Onlays. Porcelain is used to fabricate these type of fillings.  If you are interested in discussing the procedures and materials in greater detail please visit our Upper West Side Dentist for your consultation.

One of the most common reasons patients stay away from the dentist is dental phobia.  Sometimes staying away from the dentist for long periods of time can allow decay to reach the pulp of the tooth, causing pain.  Bacteria can even seep into teeth that are fractured. Bacteria that enter the pulp and are left untreated can result in the tooth dying.

At Upper West Side Dental our Restorative Dentist, Dr. Benjamin Shirley performs Root Canal Therapy in order to save infected teeth.  Having severe tooth pain when chewing food, having sensitivity to hot and cold or discoloration with teeth may be a sign that Root Canal Therapy is needed. In some cases, you may not experience any symptoms which is why it is important to visit our Upper West Side office every six months.

At Upper West Side Dental, your comfort and well-being is top priority to us and having Root Canal Therapy doesn’t need to be a scary.  We will hold your hand and make sure you are comfortable throughout the procedure. Contact our Upper West Side Dentist if you have any concerns or if you are experiencing severe tooth pain.

An advantage to selecting our Upper West Side Dentist, Dr. Benjamin Shirley as your dentist is that he truly understands a patients need to have all restorative work look as natural as possible.  Dr. Shirley can have your dental crown and bridge custom-fabricated and placed in just two visits.  Dental crowns, also known as ‘caps’ are placed over teeth that have had either root canal therapy, multiple fractures, or are misaligned and discolored.  Unlike veneers, dental crowns cover the whole tooth and help restore a tooth’s shape, size, strength and its overall appearance.

If you are missing one or more natural teeth, having a bridge fabricated by our Upper West Side Dentist, Dr. Shirley may be the best option.  The dental bridge replaces one or more natural missing teeth and “bridge” the spaces between natural and missing teeth.  Once a dental crown or dental bridge is placed, you will be unable to remove them.  There are multiple types of materials used to fabricate dental crowns and bridges such as porcelain for example. Once you have a consultation with Dr. Shirley he will educate you on the different crown and bridge material types and pick the perfect tooth color match to achieve the most natural look possible.

Bridges are a great option to replace missing teeth, but if you do not want multiple teeth manipulated, having an implant may be the best option for you.  A dental implant is an artificial tooth root placed into your jaw and has the functionality and anatomy of a natural tooth.

Dental implants are not appropriate for everyone. Our Upper West Side Dentist, Dr. Shirley can determine if you are an ideal candidate by giving you and exam and taking x-rays.  The ideal candidate for a dental implant is someone in good general and oral health, one that is free of periodontal disease and has adequate bone in their jaw.  In order to determine if dental implants are the best option for you, please book your appointment with Dr. Shirley.

One of the main goals at our Upper West Side Dental office is to prevent tooth loss.  The loss of one tooth can jeopardize your overall dental health and appearance, which is why it is important to visit our Upper West Side Dentist, Dr. Shirley every six months.

Even the most diligent patients that visit Dr. Shirley every 6 months may have unfortunate accidents that indicate tooth removal.  Severe decay, advanced periodontal disease, infection, misaligned or fractured teeth are some of the reasons teeth are extracted.  Wisdom teeth are typically extracted when a patient is experiencing pain; our Upper West Side Dentist, Dr. Shirley takes the conservative approach when treatment planning wisdom teeth extraction.  No matter the reason, having teeth extracted can make patients very nervous.  Dr. Shirley recommends performing all extractions under Nitrous Oxide when indicated. Feeling comfortable and relaxed during an extraction is an important part of the procedure.  Dr. Shirley’s extensive experience with extractions during his residency program makes him the Best Dentist in the Upper West Side for teeth extractions, book your appointment today.

The loss of all your natural teeth should not prevent you from having the smile you deserve.  Our Upper West Side Dentist can help you pick the best option to create your best smile.  There are different types of dentures, full and partial.  Full dentures are fabricated and placed after the remaining upper or lower teeth are no longer present. The full denture covers the entire upper or lower jaw and can be removable or implanted.

A Partial denture is ideal for patients who have multiple missing teeth on either the lower or upper jaw and are looking to preserve their natural teeth from changing position or further damage.  A partial is a removable appliance that fills in the missing spaces, but has a very natural look.  Full and partial dentures can be fabricated with different materials to ensure the most natural look possible.  Once these appliances are placed it is recommended you visit our Upper West Side restorative dentist to evaluate the fit of the denture.